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Health and well-being is valued very highly at RDN and we ensure that this is a priority across all areas of nursery life. We believe that an integrated approach to well-being, one that embraces mind, body, society, and the environment is essential to enable children, families and our staff team to thrive and flourish.

We are proud to announce our nursery has received a national ‘Good Food Award’ for our commitment to children’s food and nutrition. This has been awarded by the Children’s Food Trust who were the leading experts in children’s food.

This means you can be sure the food on your child’s plate is varied and nutritious and meets the Voluntary Food and Drink Guidelines for Early Years settings. We are committed to ensuring every child has the opportunity to eat well at our nursery.

Our achievement of this Award demonstrates that we are dedicated to providing healthy food and drink for children.

The Children’s Food Trust is on a mission to get every child eating well and believe that when children eat better they do better. We share that belief. So we are making sure the food we provide at our nursery gives children the energy and nutrition they need to fulfil their potential.

  • We provide balanced and nutritional meals whilst catering for different dietary needs.
  • Our cooks work with parents to provide food that meets all children’s requirements.
  • We provide a variety of food and drinks believing that the wider the variety the better the balance of nutrients provided.
  • Meals are prepared daily on site by our nursery chefs.
  • Food is sourced locally from green grocers and butchers.

Sample menus give you a flavour of the healthy meals that we offer, we work on a rolling three week menu. These usually change twice a year to ensure that seasonal items are included within the children’s diets. Please see examples below;

Autumn Winter 2022 Week One

Autumn Winter 2022 Week Two

Autumn Winter 2022 Week Three

Physical Activity

At RDN we understand the importance of physical activity for a healthy child. Children learn more physical skills in the first 5 years of life than at any other time in their lives. Physical activity is a building block for both a healthy mind and body.

We believe that all children should be given positive early movement experiences through physically active play and games. We have created a movement rich environment both indoors and outdoors that provides daily opportunities for children to be active and interactive and to develop their co-ordination, control and movement.

Staff and outside teachers support and extend each child’s abilities at their own pace, ensuring that they have lots of time to practice, develop and refine these skills and movement patterns. The more children succeed in gaining movement (motor) skills, the more they’ll want to continue with sport and physical activity into primary school and beyond.

At RDN we pride ourselves in the extensive opportunities that we provide are in our outdoor area for the children to explore and use gross and fine motor skills.

Physical activity information and ideas for parents of young children:

British Heart Foundation – Help your child move and play every day

Health, safety and first aid

At RDN health and safety is our number one priority and our ethos is to keep the safety of children at the heart of day-to-day activity.

Whilst we can never remove risk entirely we believe that by having a thorough and well thought out Health and safety policy we reduce risks  to children, families and staff team.

We ensure that our whole staff team are trained in Paediatric First Aid to deal with minor accidents but more importantly that they are empowered to respond with confidence in an emergency. This training is delivered by outside registered training companies. We invite parents to join us on these courses when places are available.