A child’s first day at Rainbow Day Nursery is a big step into a new and exciting world that they are unfamiliar with. Some children take this step with confidence; others find it can be confusing, meeting it with uncertainty. These new experiences coupled with your own feelings about going back to work, or leaving your child in a new place, can be a stressful time in a family’s life.

At Rainbow Day Nursery, we have years of experience in managing the transition from a child being at home to being a fully integrated member of our nursery.

The length of time for each child and number of visits may vary, as this is not a process which can be hurried. Our experienced team will support your individual needs to make sure that your child feels as comfortable as possible, as quickly as possible.

Your child’s assigned key person and room leader will work with you to agree an initial (flexible) settling in plan over approximately a 1 to 2 week period and will support you to make the transition as easy as possible. This is an opportunity for sharing information about you and your child, to ask questions and to gradually become familiar with our routines. Staff will support you and your child through this transition.

Parent and child attend the nursery together for a stay and play session. This is an information gathering session and a good time to share anything you feel will be relevant about your child or their routines.

Sessions booked to allow you child attend for up to 2 hours without the parent or carer. During this time the key worker starts to build a bond with your child allowing them explore the nursery and surrounding areas.

Sessions booked to allow you child attend at a different time of the day so they experience both morning and afternoon routines. Including a meal time to give the children an opportunity to eat in a group setting.

Children commence their booked sessions when they have started to settle into the nursery.