Our Vision

Our Vision is to provide every child and staff member the opportunity to grow and develop to reach their full potential.


  • That we provide a safe and secure environment where our children, parents, staff and students can flourish.
  • That we ensure learning and development opportunities are maximized at all time through a variety of delivery methods.
  • That our care does not stop at traditional boundaries, and that all factors of health and wellbeing, from nutrition and exercise to social and emotional wellbeing across our children, staff and families are fully supported.


  • That each day staff are able to make a positive contribution to the development of each child.
  • Our trained professional staff have the ability to deliver high quality care and education in line with best practice. All our team are members of the professional body PACEY to support their CPD.
  • That our staff are able to make a genuine difference, and we support and develop them so as to be confident in doing so.
  • We support our staff to enable them to make a genuine difference to each child’s learning and development.
  • Our ability to make relationships – with our parents, our partner schools and our local community groups help make a positive contribution to our communities.


  • We understand and respect all cultures and beliefs of all the children, staff and families at the nursery.
  • At RDN we respect parent’s values and weave these into the fabric of the nursery.
  • We teach the children and staff British values and these underpin our work.
  • We respect the value of research and trial new ideas and methods of learning to help us evolve as a provider.
  • To ensure that any child with a special educational need is identified early and appropriate arrangements are made for them in accordance with our Special Needs Policy.


  • We work hard to get the internal and external environment rich in opportunities for the children to learn and explore.
  • We work in a supportive environment with key workers forming strong relationships with the children and families to enhance the learning for each child in line with their needs and interests.
  • Dedicated areas/rooms that are age appropriate for the children whilst giving them the opportunity to take risks.